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Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II – and Gas Lights

The end of the amazing reign of our late Queen Elizabeth II was marked by a truly majestic series of events in London and finally in Windsor and, whilst not wishing to belittle any aspect of the ceremony there was for some of us an additional feature that linked us to the story. Because of […]

The Removal of Gaslights in Westminster 2021

My Tweet: I fear great grandfather, William, will be turning in his grave as Westminster start to remove all their gas lamps. LED ‘faux’ gas lamps should not be made to look like the originals. Future generations will think they ARE the originals – and never experience true gas lighting. For those who have not […]

The End of Street Lighting by Gas in the UK

Whilst many people think that gas lighting went out with the ark, or at least finished in the Victorian period, this short article is intended to give the real story of the demise of gas street lighting in the UK as it is probably much later than is commonly believed. Historically, gas was manufactured for […]

The Real Story behind the Gas Lamps & Lamplighters in Mary Poppins Returns.

A recent Disney film shown in the UK at the beginning of 2019 reprises the well-loved story of Mary Poppins for the next generation and sets it in the 1930’s. The chimney sweeps of London have been replaced by lamplighters. Much of the film illustrated lamplighters prancing about with large flaming lamplighter’s torches with huge […]

200 Years of Gas Supply 1792-1992

This publication was produced by British Gas Scotland for British Gas plc in 1992 as part of the celebration of the 200th anniversary although it has to be said that there are several ‘start dates’ for the industry! However, as there is a great connection with Scotland, I am sure those who would like to learn […]

Royal Wedding – Spot the William Sugg lamps at Windsor!

Nearly everyone watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on that beautiful sunny Saturday 19th May 2018, but how many of you spotted those wonderful original William Sugg lamps that you can also see in the section on Special Street Lamps for Royal Premises. These pictures were just snatched off the television and the […]

The first experiment of the public use of gas lights in 1807.

This is a transcript of the account of the first experiment of the public use of gas lighting for which William Sugg stated his grandfather Thomas Sugg had “made the first gas pipes and fitted Carlton House”. It also explains in the second paragraph the difference in the date of 21st January 1807 stated by […]

Comet Igniter explained!

The Horstmann Comet Igniter in conjunction with the clock controller provided an automatic means of switching on (and off) and lighting the street lamps so finally doing away initially with the lamplighter and, after the later invention of the Comet igniter, the permanent pilot. It is a clever device that is explained here: Comet Igniter.

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