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Many years ago, when the William Sugg Company was subject to a hostile takeover bid I had been working for the company for only a short time, largely responsible for laying out the extended Crawley factory to accept the complete move from its Westminster home of some 140 years. This came of something of a shock as I felt that the move had provided the opportunity for this very old company to ‘modernise’ which had already started and I was to say the least, disappointed.

Whilst considering my own position and what I might do, I had also an interest in family history, largely because of a metal box of paperwork that my Sugg grandmother had refused to let me investigate! One day I visited the local Crawley library where I discovered a full set of those large phone books that we all used to have and started an idle browse. It was immediately obvious that there were not that many Sugg entries and that several areas had none at all. Quite soon I had a full list of every Sugg with of course a landline phone number and an address and I wrote a general note to see what sort of interest there might be in family research sending about 100 letters with I believe 2.1/2d stamps. (Old pence!). The result was intriguing with lots of interest and one of those who I reached was the father of Christopher Miles Sugg. It was this letter that eventually came to his son that sparked the interest that has led to the document that I have added here.

I am delighted to be able to add something a little different to the William Sugg History story researched by my namesake Christopher Miles Sugg following his retirement from teaching. This research was completed in 2003 and he went on to more detailed family genealogical research for his own family during which the contact between his ancestors and mine became very close from a location point of view but has yet to link precisely.

It will, however, prove to be of great interest to many family researchers because of the detailed approach complete with the relevant references and I would like to thank him for his willingness to share his hard work. Should you wish to contact Chris M Sugg, his postal and email address are noted on the second page of the document.

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The background to the site is a modern picture of Westminster, the ‘home’ of William Sugg for so many years. It was taken from the roof of The House of Lords during a visit by the Heritage Group of CIBSE in 2004 and centres on Westminster Abbey. The header carries a woodcut of ‘Vincent Works’, the Sugg factory, which might well have been visible from this vantage point. William used this on one of his letter heads. The first and oldest logo also shows the intimate connection with Westminster as it carries the Westminster portcullis with the inscription ‘en avant’ – ‘in advance’. The second logo replaced the earlier one around 1920 and was used right the way through the century until the ‘modern’ era when the ‘flame’ logo was applied to the new era of gas heating equipment with the new factory in Crawley.

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