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An early (1879) advertisement for a 200 candle Globe lamp with argand burner.


Below are advertisements from the Journal of Gas Lighting in the period 1905 – 1913
(collected by David McDougall)

 Dscn6019 cut 260  Dscn6016 cut 260

Dscn6026 rot cut 260  Dscn6025 cut 260

Dscn6024 cut 260  Dscn6023 cut 260

Dscn6022 rot cut 260  Dscn6021 cut 260

Im19130915Loco-Sugg Ad 550

Victoria Station was relit in 1905 by gas
and a special booklet was produced in 1906 by the Gas Light & Coke Company (GLCC) to trumpet this triumph of the old over the new!

P1080990 - Victoria Stn cover 1000

P1080991 - Vic Stn P.1

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P1080992 - Vic Stn P.2
P1080993 - Vic Stn P.3

P1080994 - Vic Stn P.4

P1080995 - Vic Stn P.5

P1080996 Vic Stn P.5

P1080997 - Vic Stn P.6

P1080998 - Vic Stn P.7

P1080999 - Vic Stn P.8

P1090001 - Vic Stn P.9

P1090002 - Vic Stn P.11

P1090003 Vic Stn P.12

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The background to the site is a modern picture of Westminster, the ‘home’ of William Sugg for so many years. It was taken from the roof of The House of Lords during a visit by the Heritage Group of CIBSE in 2004 and centres on Westminster Abbey. The header carries a woodcut of ‘Vincent Works’, the Sugg factory, which might well have been visible from this vantage point. William used this on one of his letter heads. The first and oldest logo also shows the intimate connection with Westminster as it carries the Westminster portcullis with the inscription ‘en avant’ – ‘in advance’. The second logo replaced the earlier one around 1920 and was used right the way through the century until the ‘modern’ era when the ‘flame’ logo was applied to the new era of gas heating equipment with the new factory in Crawley.

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