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Early Photo Collection

These photographs are mounted in two albums dated October 1881 both of which are signed by Wm S Wright. Because they are mounted in an album I have presented them in the same fashion as a ‘flip album’. However, as you can see from the picture below the actual album is hinged on the short edge whereas the flip album has to hinge on the long side to present the majority of the photographs the correct way round.

P1080278 WSW Photo albums 500

Album 1 – Interior fixtures 

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Album 2 – Street Lamps and burners

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Site Background & Header

The background to the site is a modern picture of Westminster, the ‘home’ of William Sugg for so many years. It was taken from the roof of The House of Lords during a visit by the Heritage Group of CIBSE in 2004 and centres on Westminster Abbey. The header carries a woodcut of ‘Vincent Works’, the Sugg factory, which might well have been visible from this vantage point. William used this on one of his letter heads. The first and oldest logo also shows the intimate connection with Westminster as it carries the Westminster portcullis with the inscription ‘en avant’ – ‘in advance’. The second logo replaced the earlier one around 1920 and was used right the way through the century until the ‘modern’ era when the ‘flame’ logo was applied to the new era of gas heating equipment with the new factory in Crawley.

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