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This section is offered as a Market Place, especially for enthusiasts to view genuine gas lighting products that others wish to know about, to exchange, swap, buy or sell. Other gas products may be considered but this is NOT a site for unrelated general items. However, relevant literature, books, written information and even photographs may be included.

Whilst large numbers of relevant items are offered for sale on well known sites, many of these are poorly or incorrectly described or ascribed wrongly. The aim is to encourage visitors to the William Sugg site as a source of important and correct historical detail on gas appliance history.

Having said that it is important to state at the outset that the site and its author accept no responsibility for the correctness of any details in the Market Place or the result of any arrangement, financial or otherwise between any users of the site.

The Rules for the use of this section are simple:
1. In all cases you must supply your name and contact details
2. If you wish to have a product included you must supply a good photograph – or several giving different views or a close up with as much description as you are capable. Should you not know what the item is it may be included in a “What is this item” section but do say so. The Market Place contact form carries a CHOOSE FILE box. Click on this and select the file for uploading. Note: The size of upload has been limited to 2mb of standard file types.
3. You must state what you want Market Place to do. To provide information, to ask for information, to offer the item for private sale etc.
4. If you do want to sell an item it will be shown with email details only, for people to make initial contact.
5. If you have information about an item on the site, please use the form at the bottom of the page to provide this.
6. If you are interested in a private arrangement and wish to contact the owner simply email the contact information that will be attached to the photo. Do not involve this site further.
7. Finally, in order to assist the true enthusiast, Market Place may consider printing the link to an auction site to help people find items of particular interest being offered.

The webmaster is the final arbiter on everything.

Items for Sale:

Recuperative casings DSCN8864[1]These are two recuperative lamp bodies frequently made by the Doulton pottery company. The owner says that the more colourful one is Doulton, Salters patent ware and very similar to Sugg ones shown in Chandler.
Details on the operation of recuperative lamps can be found on this site under the Sugg name of Cromartie. They could easily date from 1880.
If you are interested please contact Alex Marrack at alexmarrack@mypostoffice.co.uk

DSC01371[4] reduced etc DSC01372[10] reduced

These two pictures indicate some part of a collection of gas (& electric) lamps and glassware assembled by Derek B Brown originally for use in the house he is now about to move from. He says that he wants someone “to take the whole caboodle off my hands”. If he sends me more photos I will add them but if anyone is interested in saving this collection from the scrap man email brownderekb@gmail.com

Following many enquiries regarding glassware for the Rochester & Littleton lamps I have added the dimensions on the Rochester & Littleton page in relation to the many models that were produced and known by the number of ‘lights’ or mantles. The photo below shows a selection of these globes including the white opal globe that was produced for an electrical installation years ago. A few of these globes are still available. They are not suitable for gas but may suit a decorative requirement and are less expensive than the clear borosilicate high temperature glass ones.  All sizes can be made – at a price.

Use the contact space at the bottom to send me your enquiry. Chris Sugg.

Rochester Glass Mvc-691s cut 550


Help! I need one of these – (e.g. Broken glass/Missing Component/Lost item etc.):


This is a ‘Streatham’ pendant that has just had ‘an accident’ and the owner is desperate for a new glass.

Can anybody help? It has a bayonet fitting with 3 lugs moulded on the glass so it is NOT a lipped item for 3 screws. The glass is 7.1/4″ across flats and 7.1/2″ high.

Other Heading Examples could be:

Information Request – (e.g. What is this item?):Details of items for sale elsewhere – (e.g. link to the item for quick reference):

Details of exhibitions or relevant collections to see or visit etc.:

Market Place Contact Form:

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Site Background & Header

The background to the site is a modern picture of Westminster, the ‘home’ of William Sugg for so many years. It was taken from the roof of The House of Lords during a visit by the Heritage Group of CIBSE in 2004 and centres on Westminster Abbey. The header carries a woodcut of ‘Vincent Works’, the Sugg factory, which might well have been visible from this vantage point. William used this on one of his letter heads. The first and oldest logo also shows the intimate connection with Westminster as it carries the Westminster portcullis with the inscription ‘en avant’ – ‘in advance’. The second logo replaced the earlier one around 1920 and was used right the way through the century until the ‘modern’ era when the ‘flame’ logo was applied to the new era of gas heating equipment with the new factory in Crawley.

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  1. Can you supply or does anyone have for sale:- two no1 bijou nozzles for the cast iron superheater as fitted to a street lamp? Two is the minimum, could take more if it helps.

    1. Yes, Peter, I have Sugg No.1 nozzles, mostly with the original pierced anti backlight disc and some with the pepper pot end. At Sugg Lighting we found that on the rare occasion we used No.1 nozzles we thought the discs were too resistive to the gas/air mixture so carefully broke them out. You might need to adjust the injector and aeration depending upon the gas you are using. I will check stock to see just what I have available and send you a separate email.

  2. Hi there, I am renovating a 120year old granite house in Scotland which I want to install copper gas lamps at either side of the front door and also on my gate pillars ( working of course) I want to have electrical ignition. Do you guys know if there is any company or person still making or restoring units in the uk as I would hate to have to buy from the US? I would appreciate any information anyone would like to give,

    Thanks guys

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