Gas Fires 1910 – 1940

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1.Lady on the front DNB 550

2.Pages 2 & 3 DNF 550

3.Pages 4 & 5 DNF 550

4.Pages 6 & 7 DNF 550

5.Pages 8 & 9 DNF 550

6.Red Knight Inset fire 30


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2 comments on “Gas Fires 1910 – 1940
  1. Jack Chilton says:

    Hi, I have a ww1 artillery piece that is stamped “w.sugg& co ltd” I was hoping you could give me some information on it. Regards.

    • Chris Sugg says:

      Hello Jack, William Sugg made many armament items as you can see if you go to History section 3 I am afraid you have to wind down quite a way but there are pictures of the workshops producing armaments in The Great War and the damage to the factory in WWII with just after that a picture of the 1/4 millionth fuse and a part of one picked up on the battlefield of the Somme. I would love to add a photo of your item if you could send me one. Thanks for getting in touch. Incidentally, the text also reports how the end of armament production affected turnover!

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