Floodlights & Spotlights

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Catalogue 1935 cvr SUGG400 550

This catalogue was produced to demonstrate the advantages of floodlighting by gas in honour of “Their Majesties’ Jubilee”, 1935

 Catalogue 1935 p 2 & 3 SUGG401 550

Catalogue 1935 p 12 & 13 SUGG406 550

Floodlight SUGG09 cut 260  Floodlight SUGG66 260

The floodlight on the left was intended for temporary installations judging by the ground spikes and for lighting facades of buildings for which it had to point upwards making it necessary to arrange the glass in strips to allow for the enormous heat. The right hand floodlight was a more modest affair with conventional superheated burner and parabolic reflector for nearer horizontal use.

 Photo flood SUGG37 175  Photo flood in use SUGG36 175  Portable spot light SUGG08 175

These pictures show two products, a ‘photoflood’ and a spotlight with the central picture showing the application of the photoflood whilst the photographer is taking a picture of an early loudspeaker. It wouldn’t do for chocolate biscuits!Copyright © Chris Sugg 2006-13

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