Traffic Signs

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Apart from illuminating signs externally with ‘ordinary’ gas lamps there were many traffic signs with gas illumination built in.

 SUGG302 550

HALT image 31 cut 260  FRIERN cut 260

HALT & SLOW signs using the Sugg Sign Illuminator
(Note how the light illuminates both up and down)

 SUGG14 344 ht  Keep Left image32 260  Belisha demo SUGG63 344 ht

KEEP LEFT sign internally illuminated with 2 lt superheated burner with Comet igniter and Horstmann time clock, flanked by ‘Belisha Beacons’, the one on the right being the exhibition display model.

Gp B Southport Hyde Park 550 grayscale

Gas lit Guard Posts either side of the Southport Lamp
(See Lighting/Street Lamps/Southport)

8000 4 lt & Sign Illuminator 2 lt 260

Sign Illuminator for No Through Road and ‘8000’ Lamps
(See Lighting/Street Lighting/8000 Lamp)

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