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Incinerators cvr 260

Incinerators 2 pages 550

 Several small incinerators were designed by the Company for domestic use. On the side of the incinerator above you can see the timing device which was actuated by opening the door and provided sufficient time to allow for the hygienic destruction of rubbish including wet items. The text indicates that the incinerator offered an alternative to the open fire which are ‘seldom to be seen’!
This early model was manufactured in cast iron and finished in a very commercial grey mottled enamel finish. Even the timing device was an optional extra.

 3696 0n cast pedestal 550w

3696 Incinerator on Cast Iron Pedestal


3707 Inset Incinerator leaflet, front


3707 Inset Incinerator leaflet, rear


4000 Incinerator leaflet, front


4000 Incinerator leaflet, rear

Incin Lealet 1 Incin Leaflet 4Incin Leaflet 2  Incin Leaflet 3


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2 comments on “Incinerators
  1. Greg Morrison says:

    Has anyone experience in removing one of these? I am looking to purchase a flat and one is still installed in the kitchen, though seems to have been disconnected. Thanks,

    • Chris Sugg says:

      There were many flats that were fitted with these small incinerators as a means of disposing hygienically with ‘difficult’ waste! They are of course gas appliances and it sounds as if yours has been disconnected. It does have a chimney but it would not take long to remove. If that is what you want any decent gas engineer could help you and in particular check the gas supply. As you will have seen from the literature there were several models from floor standing to semi inset. The wall mounted ones are mounted on an iron frame bolted to the wall. (Incinerators are in the ‘Heating’ section but you can use the ‘search’ box by entering ‘incinerators’ and then click on ‘Read more.’ Chris

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