Continuous Updraught Ventilators

Following a comment from a researcher that the ‘Liverpool Mercury’ 4 Sept 1890 stated that “Messrs.William Sugg and Co. exhibited a patent apparatus for ventilating stables, ships, &c. The ventilator, which allows no down-draught, has been tried upon the Wallasey boat Violet, and is about to receive a trial from the Mersey Railway Company.” The author of the comment wondered if I had any information on these ventilators which I have now added to the only other section on Ventilation which relates to the older Sun Lights or Sunburners. Although these Updraught Ventilators do NOT use a gas flame to achieve ventilation they are sometimes used in conjunction with sun burners hence I have decided to retain them in the Ventilating Lamps & Sun Burners section.

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