Royal Wedding – Spot the William Sugg lamps at Windsor!

Nearly everyone watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on that beautiful sunny Saturday 19th May 2018, but how many of you spotted those wonderful original William Sugg lamps that you can also see in the section on Special Street Lamps for Royal Premises. These pictures were just snatched off the television and the only difference you can see is that they have been converted to electricity! Ah well, Windsor Castle is 1000 years old and must have seen many technological changes over the years but it is still standing and I see no reason why some of William Sugg’s products should not continue to add that special touch of tradition for many years to come.

Whilst Queen Victoria looked on!

4 comments on “Royal Wedding – Spot the William Sugg lamps at Windsor!
  1. Vaughn Wiles says:

    Fantastic to see another little bit of British tradition and history remains in tact and proudly on show! A great credit to your forebears Chris.

    • Chris Sugg says:

      Thanks Vaughn, we enjoyed the day so much I just had to add something a little different! Hope you are all well.

  2. Simon Crow says:

    How magnificent, Chris! What a splendid tribute the Sugg lamps are to these royal occasions!

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