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The NEW Sugg History website.
After 8 years of steady additions to the Sugg History Website, using a platform that is no longer supported and a style that has become somewhat pedestrian to use, I hope you find this entirely re-cast version much easier and quicker to find your way around and to interact.
Apart from the simpler fly-out indexing, several features have been added, such as the ability to enlarge pictures by clicking on them. This facility will not be fully functional until larger images have been uploaded but will apply to new additions and in due course many of the older pictures too. It should also be easier and quicker to provide additions as there is still a huge amount to be added!
A significant addition is the ‘Search’ box which can help you to find specific items.
The website is designed to be used on all modern devices so can be referred to wherever you are!


2 comments on “Hello world
  1. Garry Stickland says:

    I have purchased a damaged en avant cast iron lamp post which I will be refurbishing.While I was carrying out some research I came across a antique dealer called LASSCO they have purchased several pairs of cast iron en avant lamp posts which was part of a large find of 21 lamp posts from a woodland area, more information can be found on their website http://www.lassco.co.uk. This would be a good opportunity for a collector to purchase. I hope this is useful to someone.

    • Chris Sugg says:

      Garry, I have more information to add on the post you call ‘en avant’ and i call ‘diamond pattern’. It came in 4 sizes and there is a picture of all 4 taken standing in front of the gas holder which was at the back of the Westminster factory yard. I will upload it soon. This post was very popular and I have even had a picture sent to me of one in New Zealand which I will also post. Chris
      You can find the picture of the 4 diamond pattern posts in the Columns & Brackets section

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